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PVC banners

A very common and reliable material for your outdoor marketing, for business signs, event decoration or temporary promotions. The heavy duty 510gr/m2 PVC is printed with UV coating to withstand weather circumstances and leave your outdoor advertisement looking great for years, even here on Bonaire!

  • Any size

  • Full rim folding for strong edges

  • Aluminum eyelets

Retractable banners

For indoor and outdoor marketing. These are very popular on expositions and events. Delivered with different stands and produced on the same heavy duty 510gr/m2 PVC as outdoor banners.

  • Many different sizes

  • Economy, basic or luxury stands

  • Comes with an easy carrying bag

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are very popular in large sizes. The mesh fabric lets wind pass through the banner so it won't damage easily. These banners range in sizes from small to event stages and even complete building wraps. This is a very spectacular way to transform ugly construction sites into impressive billboards.


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