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This popular glossy magazine promotes Bonaire in a highly professional way. We provide information about the best tours, activities, restaurants, spots, nature and culture and pour this in a breathtaking glossy, lined with gorgeous photography and a fresh style. The magazine is published in 25.000 copies per half year and fully readable online at www.experience-bonaire.com. Experience Bonaire even has a Facebook page, showing and telling about Bonaire and our advertisers.

- Handing it to the reader
As opposed to most other printed media on Bonaire, we believe that the most powerful way to reach our readers and your potential clients is to deliver the magazine straight into their hands. That is why we widely deliver the magazine door-to-door on Bonaire and our promotional crew shows up at public places to hand-out the magazines. These can be the airport, supermarkets, public venues or simply on a busy street.
Our promotional crew is also active at mass events, such as the "Taste of Bonaire", "Dia di Boneiru", the annual Regatta and many more.

- Spread at public places and accommodations & readable online
The magazine can be found at many public places, such as supermarkets, restaurants and hotel receptions, but also at accommodations and rental villas. The magazines are in welcoming packages and on the rooms of almost all hotels on Bonaire.
Our exposure becomes immeasurably large when you consider the whole magazine is also readable online and has its own Facebook page, providing the advertisements as well as updates, articles, interests and fun stuff.

Surprisingly low advertisement Rates

We have set our advertisement rates for one edition (25.000 copies) in half a year. You can also choose to sign up for a full year. This ensures your advertisement in two editions, meaning 50.000 copies of your promotion. Before the next edition is published, you have the option to change your advertisement without extra costs!

Be part of Experience Bonaire
We published the 1st edition in June 2013 and immediately took the market by surprise, everybody talks about it. It's new, it's beautiful, it's entertaining and it has a very original and convenient size! Browsing through the magazines, you'll notice that most of our advertisers promote themselves in large and creative advertisements, Many have chosen a half page, full page or even our double page spread. This last option offers you a lot of space to awe your potential clients by showing and telling who you are and what you do. This serves as a very powerful way to convince the reader to use your services or buy your products.

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