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Floor graphics

Floor graphics are custom floor decals that can be placed almost anywhere to convey your message in front of high traffic areas. These floor stickers are laminated and come slip resistant, scratch resistant and scuff resistant to withstand heavy traffic over the life of the decal. Floor graphics are perfect for events on the go, like sporting events, trade shows, weddings and conferences. Because they come off easily without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor, the floor decals are an economical choice to use again and again.
Floor graphics can be customized completely to your wishes and they will surprise your customer or guest right when they step into your business.

Framed sidewalk signs

A-frames are also known as free-standing sandwich board type signs. A-frames come fully printed. You can get a single sided A-frame or double sided A-frame. With the extremely rigid plastic structure, the A-frame will last a long time and you can fill the inside with water so that you will have the extra weight in case of a windy day.
Framed signs can also be based on water tanks or aluminum standing feet.

Frame sizes:
A0 870x1215mm
A1 620x870mm
B1 730x1030mm
B2 530x730mm

Silver, black and orange


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