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A brand new full size glossy magazine promoting good health, fitness and personal care. This glossy will be packed with fun and educating articles about food ingredients, detoxing, superfoods, workout tips, interviews, fun stuff, self quizzes and personal care as well as fashion and beauty.

Something New
Something new? Well, in supermarkets and book stores we can already find health related magazines, but here comes the catch: This one will be handed out FOR FREE !!
We feel that information concerning healthy food, drinks, diets , health related behavior, personal care and beauty should be available for everyone, not just for people who don't think twice about paying up to $10 for a magazine.

- Spread at public places and accommodations & readable online
This magazine will be found at public places, such as supermarkets, restaurants and stores.
Your advertisement exposure becomes immeasurably large when you consider the whole magazine will also be readable online and already has its own Facebook page, providing the advertisements as well as updates, articles, interests and fun stuff.

Surprisingly low advertisement Rates

We have chosen to make the advertisement costs at the most affordable level we could come up with. The pilot will be published in 5000 copies and spread out for free over the course of a few months. This is a pilot to see how the market reacts to the product. We will then perform public surveys to find out how the people of Bonaire value the magazine and use that information to produce the next edition. Based on the survey we will decide if the magazine will be published quarterly, half yearly or annually. Of course this also depends on the eagerness of local businesses to be part of this energetic project.

Be part of Health & Beauty Bonaire
We plan to publish the first edition of this full size glossy magazine near the end of 2015. Contact us to find out about your possibilities. We offer photography, design and advertisement spaces and like to hear if you have ideas how to promote your business or market in a more powerful way then we already came up with.

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