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Websites are your digital face on the World Wide Web. One problem with digital media is that it's always changing. Does your website need to change as fast as the media world does? We say NO! Your website is your digital brochure, it should be simple, functional and beautiful. We design websites that are mobile media friendly, but not built on complex databases. We promote fast and reliable websites, not clogged with guest books, logins, online stores and review systems. Why? Two reasons: First of all, you're handing out control over the contents of your website and often you need to check if this is not being abused, which makes your website time-consuming. Second: All this you can get for free through Social Media so why buy it?

Social Media is free, stop paying for it!

Your website should be linked to your social media pages, such as Facebook or Tripadvisor. Your social media pages should also be linked back to your website. Together they form incredibly strong tools to boost your business in the digital world. We build websites and integrate Social Media activity and then we advise our customers how to optimally use the power of Social Media FOR FREE !! We don't approve of charging for something that is free so stop paying for it.

Photography partners

Nothing is more powerful on a website or in advertisements than breathtaking photography. Up to a certain level we can assist you with this but we have a few partners that help us in creating amazing looks for your business. We'll gladly advise you on photo shoots with them.

Ask for a customized quote

No two businesses are the same so every website we build is designed from scratch to promote exactly the message that you wish to spread. Contact us and we will sit with you and come up with an affordable plan to optimally promote your business on the internet.

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